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Every Monday: Open mic w/ Taylor Martin: Come Get your sound treated right!!! 9pm

 Upcoming shows  





Fri. 4/4 Virginia and the Slims (oldies,swing) 9pm $5

Sat. 4/5 Tyler Nail (acoustic,folk) 9pm $5

Fri. 4/11 Mande Foly (West African Folk) 9pm $5

Sat. 4/12 Colonel Bruce Hampton (blues,rock,jam) 9pm $12

Fri. 4/18 Overflow Jug Band feat. Josh Phillips,Moses Atwood,Ram Mandelkorn 9pm $5

Sat. 4/19 Brown Mountain Lights (swing,jazz) 9pm $5 




Fri 5/23 Captive Eddies and Gospel Flats 9pm $5

Fri. 5/30 Woody Wood and Tony Holiday 9pm $5 










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